Sunday, April 17, 2011

Smiling Sunday

Happy things:

Got to do some hip hop dancin' with my friend. I used to dance a lot, as I mentioned here,
and finally am gettin' back into it again and I am SUPER SUPER happy and excited about this!

Ate a delicious Ramen & Salmon Egg Bowl combo today!
I think Japanese food is no doubt my favorite food..
Santouka Ramen in Torrance has awesome ramen noodles... and their combos are such great deals!

A lovely gal I know has just finished her training to be a yoga teacher and I went to her classes.
She is awesome! It's really great how I can really clear my mind while doing yoga
and how much lighter I feel after each class! I'm hoping to keep doing yoga.

I've been playing Epic Mickey on wii a's quite an amazing game..
I think it's one of the best wii games out there right now.
You use paint and thinner to change your surroundings and complete challenging quests..
I'm glad I bought it!

Got a free "cotton undie" coupon from Victoria Secret. Don't you just love those?
I have too many freebies from that place :)

This isn't super new, but my hubby and I have been watching the tv show LOST from the very beginning since we'd never seen it before and we are definitely hooked! We watch an episode when ever we have the chance to! It's funny because we've never been "tv shows" people, except for of course, the OFFICE. Nothing can beat that show.

This is even more old news, but we finally got a brand new MacBook Pro after my hubby's computer died. Though it did live its maximum lifetime I think. 6 years or somethin' like that. I was always a PC person but now, I think I'm gonna feel weird when I use a PC. These things are great and I'm sure will last very long.

Re-discovering a song you love but hadn't heard in so long. I think this has happened to many people before and it's one of the coolest feelings ever...

Stay tuned for some cool news...(giveaways, perhaps)
I'm also going to start doing outfit posts so stay tuned for that too please :)

And feel free to share anything happy (no matter how small) you encountered this week :)

Also head over to Carrie's blog for a chance to win a $20 gift card to her Etsy shop.
She creates inspiring and UPlifting prints!
I'm going to feature her and her work soon and she has also kindly offered me to do a giveaway on my blog also!!! Exciting!!!

More happy things are ahead of us!


  1. Those are all such happy things! Love it! OOoo you're goning to love that macbook pro. I got one last year and it's AMAZING! Where are you two in LOST? I was so into that show -didn't miss an episode. Have a great week!!! Lovely blog!


  2. Macbook pro is amazing huh?! I'm glad that we got it!!
    We just finished Season 1!!!
    Thank you Andrea for visiting and commenting! I'll go visit your blog now!


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