Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It has been an eventful and great week though and yes, full of happy things (of course!)
Like I said before, even though it's been a very rough month because of the earthquake in Japan,
we still have to try and remember the happy things that are around us. 
We have to look up.

I won tickets to the first ever LA Spring Fair and there I saw this little guy who's in the picture. 
So adorable. 
Animals just have this amazing power that heals you and makes you smile,
We got to pet a baby gator, see kookaburras, an awesome magic show by this guy and his kids, 
ate bacon wrapped hot dogs and drank fresh lemonade. 
It wasn't a very big fair but we did get to see the Nascar practises
(since it was at the Toyota Speedway) and they were awesome!
I can not imagine my self at all in one of those cars though.
Height and speed are some of my biggest fears haha. 
If I were in one of those cars I would break down before the car did.

I also won a giveaway through a blog so that was exciting!

And I went to a certain gallery/yoga studio in LA to meet with the owner as I've been trying to organize a fundraiser gig and she was interested in letting me hold it there.
There I met two of the nicest people ever, Peter and Anne.
They happened to be visiting from Oregon and we talked a lot.
When I was leaving, they handed me a $20 bill and said,

"This is for your fundraiser event because we may not be able to attend.
Good luck with the fundraiser and we'll be thinking about you"

Amazing and beautiful experience that was.
I was speechless.
Thank you again to them... 

My hubby and I have been attending many of our music major friends'  
Undergrad and Graduate Recitals a lot lately.
And every time I go to one, I am reminded of how honored I am
to know such talented, awesome and nice people that I can call friends.
I'm very proud of them and wish them all the best in their next chapters of their books.

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I graduated college... uh before I am reminded of the fact that I'm getting old...

Here's a happy announcement!

Stay tuned for a giveaway in the next few days!
More happy things are ahead of us :)


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