Monday, February 28, 2011

Michael Mull Trio CD Giveaway!

I'm very proud and super happy to announce that my first ever giveaway is a copy of the Michael Mull Trio's first album!

Michael recently and successfully had a CD release party and launched his awesome website.

The CD, titled "Formation", is digitally available on DigStation. If you'd like a physical copy, you can get one from Michael directly, or through CDBaby. It'll also be available very shortly on iTunes.

One lucky reader (who'll be chosen through will get a free copy...
All you have to do is comment on this post.
Make sure you put your name and email address.

For extra entries (make sure you leave a separate comment for each of these):

1. Follow Michael Mull's blog publicly through Google Friend Connect 
(Go to his blog and hit the "Follow" button in the right column)

2.  Follow my blog publicly through Google Friend Connect (Hit the "Follow" button you see on the right column)

***Giveaway is open to international readers as well. Open to readers who do not already own a copy of the CD. Giveaway will end Sunday, March 6th 11:59PM PST***

Dance Buddy

I used to take dance lessons (hip hop/modern) when I was in 7th and 8th grade, and although I had to stop taking lessons after that, I continued to practice and perform with a few friends all through out high school.
I didn't know anyone that did hip hop dance through out my college life and so I hadn't gotten a chance to do much dance since I graduated high school. Maybe a few classes at the gym...but that's about it. 
I've missed it so much! But I won't have to miss it anymore!

In late 2009, I posted an ad on a Japanese Craigslist-type website, saying that I was looking for a dance buddy. I got a couple responses but they were both beginners and I really wanted someone who had similar experiences as I did. So I kind of gave up for a while and totally forgot I had even posted the ad, until a few months later I got an email from Karen, who was in the exact same position as I was, a dance lover that was looking for someone to practice/perform with because she hadn't had the chance to do it lately either!

And finally...after emailing and talking for a WHOLE year, we FINALLY met up this past Sunday!
It was super exciting! We had lunch in Matsui in Torrance (where they have really authentic and great Japanese food) and talked about what songs and moves we would want to use! 
Another big thing we have in common besides our passion for dance is that we both went to an International School in Japan. (Perhaps I'll write about international schools another time...) But basically it's where schooling is in English and most of the students are either foreign or are natives but grew up outside of their country (like moi) and I wouldn't exactly say that there are a lot of us, so that was an exciting discovery!

Anyway, I'm really lucky and grateful that we found each other on the ad! That's a BIG happy thing for me and the lunch on Sunday totally made my week! Can't wait 'till we start practicing!
I'm stupid and forgot to take pictures of us so that'll have to happen next time we meet up.

More happy things are ahead of us!

Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been a very "teethy' kind of week and month...
A couple weeks ago, I got braces. But just on the bottom (phew!).
My poor teeth have been crowded for several years now. 
Even though I had braces when I was a kid.
It's because I didn't wear my retainers at all... Yes, I was a bad girl...
They aren't terrible looking at all, but they have been bugging me.
Plus, when I sing, they show (not that anyone would be staring at me teeth but)...
So I thought, I better do it now or I'll never do it/not want to do it later in my life!
They haven't been too bad. They still scrape the inside of my mouth but I've  gotten used to it.

Then last week, I got some fillings done because some of it had broken off.
After the treatment, I noticed that the dentist hadn't filled ALL the holes in that particular tooth..
I asked him about it and he said he shouldn't put anything in there because it would wear off when I'd bite..
But I wasn't convinced! 

So I called them yesterday and asked to have it looked at again. I was able to go back today and VOILA! He put fillings in that last hole, for free! I guess we weren't talking about the same thing last week.

The point is, instead of thinking and worrying about the last hole (for a whole week), whether they were gonna think I was crazy for coming back, or whether they were gonna charge me again for the treatment, I called and had him examine me again. Sounds simple, but I was worrying and thinking too much without actually doing ANYTHING. Like a lot of other instances in life. 
I should follow that Nike slogan....

Also, if you don't have dental insurance (like me!) but need cleanings or any kind of work on your teeth,  join this dental discount plan called Careington and you save SO MUCH money!! 
There's a happy thing! I saved about 60% on my fillings! And it's only $13 per month.

And despite all the work, the weird feeling of having metal inside your teeth 24/7 and not being able to chew so well sometimes, the happy thing is that I'll have beautiful teeth again after it's all done!

More happy things are ahead of us!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Post!

Hello and welcome to my blog! 
I've been reading many people's blogs lately and have been inspired to create my own!
Ah...I love that word. Inspired. Inspire. Inspiration. 
I hope I can inspire others in any way, and I want to keep being inspired for the rest of my life whether it's through music, art, food, people, nature...

So where shall I begin... so much good stuff has happened this past week!

My husband had a CD release party for his group, Michael Mull Trio, last Thursday at the Blue Whale, (awesome Jazz Club) in Little Tokyo. He'd been working hard for his first CD since last May! The gig was a great success and we were both happy to see so many wonderful faces! 
We were glad his parents got to come down from San Luis Obispo for the event.
His CD is available through him directly and will be available very shortly for digital purchase online! I'll keep you posted.

Valentine's Day was great too, thanks to Michael who made reservations at the Elephant Bar & Restaurant. It's a sweet place worth checking out... 
And I got these lovely Threadsence shoes from him :)

Last night I was able to go hear two lovely, talented friends perform at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. It was great!!
First is the beautiful Aijia Lise. She writes her own music, and her voice is soulful and pretty at the same time. She definitely inspired me! I gotta write more songs!!
Second is America's next big star Andy Grammer. You'll hear his single "Keep Your Head Up" on the radio and he's one of the's "Artists to Watch in 2011" and one of "10 Artists to know in 2011" of the NY Post! How cool is that? Congrats you guys on selling out the show! I had a blast.

Other happy things from this past week include: Italian food with my good friends, buying 3 and getting 3 free Bath & Body Works Body Creams (and a $10 off coupon usage on top of that ha! What a deal!)

More happy things are ahead of us!

Stay tuned for a Michael Mull Trio CD Giveaway! (Open to international readers too!)
Until then, here's a sample of the tracks on the CD: