Sunday, April 3, 2011

(Sideways) Scrabble

Happy things...

Playing Scrabble with your good friend that couldn't quite remember the name of your blog lol (This is one of my favorite board games of all time. I hadn't played it in a while but I think I still did pretty good...)

Buying two of your favorite movies for $4.99 and Wii games that you had wanted for $25 each. (Burn After Reading and The Blues Brothers--I highly recommend them both if you love laughing! Burn After Reading is just hilarious..and the Blues Brothers is a CLASSIC and a must-see for all music lovers) 

Booking a flight back home (JAPAN) for the summer! I'm hoping things would have settled down by then. I'm excited that I'll finally get to see my family and that I can somehow help out with the earthquake/tsunami relief from over there as well. 

Hiking with your hubby on a nice, sunny Sunday. Because you can spend a good hour or two with him. Plus, even if it's a short hike, it makes you feel so much better physically and mentally!

Having two extra days off this week! The music school I teach at is on Spring Break this week. 

Having way too much prosciutto in your fridge. Why is prosciutto just insanely yummy?
I always need to STOP my self from eating too many in one sitting but it's usually too late.

Winning 4 free tickets to LA's first Spring Fair! Yay! Not only did I win but I was also on the radio :)
Now we just have to find a good time for me and the hubby to go--it's looking very difficult at the moment but I know it will work out!

Please, even if you stumble upon this blog randomly, feel free to comment or just look back on your week and remember the happiest things that happened to you, even if it's small!

More happy things are ahead of us!


  1. Today I got to sing. It made me happy.

  2. yeahhhhhhhhh I hope you threw in some sharp 11's ;)

  3. Man, that was so much fun! We gotta have another game night soon! :)

    p.s. I'll never forget the name of your blog now... haha :P

  4. Agree with you about the prosciutto. Can't beat it.


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