Monday, February 28, 2011

Dance Buddy

I used to take dance lessons (hip hop/modern) when I was in 7th and 8th grade, and although I had to stop taking lessons after that, I continued to practice and perform with a few friends all through out high school.
I didn't know anyone that did hip hop dance through out my college life and so I hadn't gotten a chance to do much dance since I graduated high school. Maybe a few classes at the gym...but that's about it. 
I've missed it so much! But I won't have to miss it anymore!

In late 2009, I posted an ad on a Japanese Craigslist-type website, saying that I was looking for a dance buddy. I got a couple responses but they were both beginners and I really wanted someone who had similar experiences as I did. So I kind of gave up for a while and totally forgot I had even posted the ad, until a few months later I got an email from Karen, who was in the exact same position as I was, a dance lover that was looking for someone to practice/perform with because she hadn't had the chance to do it lately either!

And finally...after emailing and talking for a WHOLE year, we FINALLY met up this past Sunday!
It was super exciting! We had lunch in Matsui in Torrance (where they have really authentic and great Japanese food) and talked about what songs and moves we would want to use! 
Another big thing we have in common besides our passion for dance is that we both went to an International School in Japan. (Perhaps I'll write about international schools another time...) But basically it's where schooling is in English and most of the students are either foreign or are natives but grew up outside of their country (like moi) and I wouldn't exactly say that there are a lot of us, so that was an exciting discovery!

Anyway, I'm really lucky and grateful that we found each other on the ad! That's a BIG happy thing for me and the lunch on Sunday totally made my week! Can't wait 'till we start practicing!
I'm stupid and forgot to take pictures of us so that'll have to happen next time we meet up.

More happy things are ahead of us!

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  1. awwwwwwww this is so swweet:'(
    im so greatful i found u too! sooo excited!!!!
    i just wish we could see each other more often
    but its okay, i'll see u soon again!
    this really made my day:) thanks for sharing:)))


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