Tuesday, June 12, 2012

check out Wild Doll!!!

click the photo to visit their website!

Have you guys heard of  Wild Doll?

They are a new online boutique with trendy & girly items for GREAT prices...
Not only do they have clothes but they also have shoes and accessories also!
Those jeggings you see above would be so perfect for the summer, don't you think?
Which one is your favorite?

If you think you're gonna be too hot in them (in both ways lol), then check out the shorts they have in the same or similar colors!

I'm also in love with this dress also available in a gorgeous blue color:

and this ROMPER! yes, that's right, it's a one-piece!! isn't it SO adorable??

And this awesome romper!!! LOVE IT! (Can you tell I love rompers?) I'd love to add it to my collection of rompers! :) Do you like the blue or brown better?

And these "scalloped booties" !! They'd be perfect with denim shorts and a simple shirt, or even a floral dress.

What do you think??
Right now, if you buy any pair of shoes, you get 50% OFF any piece of clothing or accessory!!!

I could stare at their stuff all day... lol


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Wild Doll!

  2. These are amazing, I am definitely checking the site! Thanks for sharing(:!


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