Friday, April 20, 2012

Simple Kinda Love

pants: flying monkey, shirt: Mango

What I wore today was SIMPLE, but comfy and loving :)
It was definitely shorts weather as it was 93degrees today...
But I ended up wearing these to create a contrast with my shirt.
My shirt is from Mango (MNG), which is my new favorite store! 
This time I visited their store at the San Francisco airport. 
It was a pleasant surprise to randomly find their store there. 
PLUS, they were having a 30% off sale on everything! 
The only sad thing is that there's only ONE location in the L.A. area. 
I mustttt go to 3rd st Promenade asap!
They have stuff that is simple but can be cute or chic.. You can go various ways.
 I didn't realize they had great prices also! 
My royal blue denim pants were thrifted but by Flying Monkey. $13... score!

Looking forward to the "pool party" with my lovely Marissa tomorrow.
We'll be cooking up a storm as we dip in the pool from time to time :)

More happy things are ahead of us!


  1. Really nice outfit. I like your blue pants. I'm following you now (:

    1. thank for following! i'm following u back :)

  2. It may be simple but its really cute! Sometimes not overdone is the best. I love the jeans btw


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