Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beauty & the Beast!


We went to see Beauty & the Beast at the Pantages Theater on opening night yesterday!
Let me tell you that it was innnnnncreeedible!!!!!!! I loved it!
I think "Visually striking and beautiful" is a good way to describe this show.

All the actors & actresses were great...I especially liked Gaston haha! I loved his voice.
Remember Gaston?
The muscular one that all the silly town girls are madly in love with but gets rejected by Belle hehe.
Belle and the Beast were amazing too of course. 

Like the Lion King musical, they added a few numbers that are not in the original movie, but we liked them a lot! 
Being us, we of course went to peek down the Orchestra pit at the end even after 90% of the people had left the theater because you know....the orchestra is still playing even after the curtain goes down.

I cried during the curtain call. Just like I do at every musical... I find it hard NOT to cry at the end of something spectacular like that.
I just get so happy and emotional that I'm alive and am able to watch such a magical show that combines music, dance, and acting, which are all things I love and wish I could do all at the same time. Those actors are truly amazing and so lucky for what they get to do!

And something I've loved since I was literally a BABY! So it's VERY very special for me to see a Disney movie as a musical.

I can't believe we were there only two months ago to see West Side Story, which also by the way is an incredible show!

If you're in L.A. or near L.A. at all, Beauty & the Beast is worth seeing! But they're only at the Pantages until the 26th of this month so hurrrrryy!!

Thinking about my next giveaway....
More happy things are ahead of us!


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  2. I also want to see it, thanks for sharing that it was great!

  3. Aw I'd love to go see it one day! Too bad I'm not in California... I'm glad you enjoyed it!=]

  4. looks gr88, i think i should consider watching it..thankx for sharing

  5. I like your blog, honey.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
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  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!
    This beautiful musical is definitely worth seeing :)

  7. awwww i'd love to see that one day!! btw just found your blog and love it! :)

  8. thanks for your comment and thanks for finding me Sandy! I'm following your blog now too :) :) P.S. I've definitely seen your blog before!!

  9. amazing i want to see it :)

    <3 steffy


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