Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been a very "teethy' kind of week and month...
A couple weeks ago, I got braces. But just on the bottom (phew!).
My poor teeth have been crowded for several years now. 
Even though I had braces when I was a kid.
It's because I didn't wear my retainers at all... Yes, I was a bad girl...
They aren't terrible looking at all, but they have been bugging me.
Plus, when I sing, they show (not that anyone would be staring at me teeth but)...
So I thought, I better do it now or I'll never do it/not want to do it later in my life!
They haven't been too bad. They still scrape the inside of my mouth but I've  gotten used to it.

Then last week, I got some fillings done because some of it had broken off.
After the treatment, I noticed that the dentist hadn't filled ALL the holes in that particular tooth..
I asked him about it and he said he shouldn't put anything in there because it would wear off when I'd bite..
But I wasn't convinced! 

So I called them yesterday and asked to have it looked at again. I was able to go back today and VOILA! He put fillings in that last hole, for free! I guess we weren't talking about the same thing last week.

The point is, instead of thinking and worrying about the last hole (for a whole week), whether they were gonna think I was crazy for coming back, or whether they were gonna charge me again for the treatment, I called and had him examine me again. Sounds simple, but I was worrying and thinking too much without actually doing ANYTHING. Like a lot of other instances in life. 
I should follow that Nike slogan....

Also, if you don't have dental insurance (like me!) but need cleanings or any kind of work on your teeth,  join this dental discount plan called Careington and you save SO MUCH money!! 
There's a happy thing! I saved about 60% on my fillings! And it's only $13 per month.

And despite all the work, the weird feeling of having metal inside your teeth 24/7 and not being able to chew so well sometimes, the happy thing is that I'll have beautiful teeth again after it's all done!

More happy things are ahead of us!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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