Sunday, August 26, 2012

things to celebrate (and be grateful for!)

1. Joined the gym a couple weeks ago.
    It's been a lot of fun going to classes and a great way to release stress. I'm grateful for my health and ability to pay $40 a month!!!

2. Having awesome friends to go to Vegas with.
Sounds easy, sounds ordinary.. but when I think about it, a stress-free, drama-free, and laughter-filled trip with friends is the best thing I could ask for! Wouldn't you agree?

3. Having awesome sponsors like Wild Doll!
They have been so good to me and I am a lucky doll for having them as a sponsor!!!
check out those shoes I just got!! IN LOVE!

4. Living a short drive away from the beach where it's always sunny!
This is when I am so grateful about living in So.Cal! Thankful for our location & beautiful little house.

5. Taking a trip to San Diego for my birthday!
Although getting older is not the best of things, I'm still glad we get to go on lovely trips every so often.
The highlight of the trip definitely was the Safari park. I highly recommend it!!!

6. Having reached 100 BLOG FOLLOWERS!!!
Thank you guys!!! Planning on a big 100 followers Giveaway soon... stay tuned :)

7. August 18th marked 10 YEARS IN THE STATES for moi!
Yep! Since I moved here from Japan... 
I miss my family every day, but it has been a fantastic 10 years.
Especially since I met the man of my dreams.

Last but not least...

Celebrate LIFE... because lately I think to my self EVERY DAY,
how lucky and grateful I am to be living such a wonderful life.


What have y'all celebrated recently??? or what do you celebrate each day? :)

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