Monday, June 13, 2011

Done! It's done!

The benefit event for the recent Japan earthquake & tsunami at Peace Yoga which I put together was a great success!
If I may say so my self... :)
Lots of people showed up and lots of donations were made!
I enjoyed listening to MASXS play, they were very friendly and kind guys too. 
Check out their band page on Facebook! 
I felt really comfortable and confident singing with my band, even though I hadn't performed in 9 months!
I'm very thankful that I got to play with such talented members and am also thankful for their time they donated for this event. We played everything from reggae, bossa nova, jazz, to Japanese Pop :)
I unfortunately could only hear a little bit of my husband's band play, as I had to be at the entrance of the venue, but they sounded killin' as well... Many people were giving me compliments about his compositions and playing and I felt so proud once again to be the wife of such an amazing person & musician :)
He writes a lot and plays a lot. Check out Michael's music right here. 
Me and my friend's dance act went pretty well too! I hadn't performed dance in NINE years! I had a blast! Will post a video of this here soon :)
We had some amazing raffle prizes, thanks again to all my generous sponsors!!!

I raised $886 just from the event! Isn't that amazing!???? I was so excited!
I'm still receiving and accepting donations though, before I send all the money to the Japanese Red Cross.

This event would have not been so successful though without the help of my friends, family, sponsors, and Cheri at Peace Yoga. 
I met and communicated with many people and learned so much from them.
I realized that there are still so many generous people out there.
This event involved a lot of work, but it was all SO worth it. 
I hope that people continue to think about our people in Japan, and continue to help them out as much as they can. 
Many are still without homes, still grieving the loss of their loved ones, still in search for missing people..

My event is over (which I still can't quite believe), but I will continue to help and support as much as I can.


Happy things are ahead of us. 

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